Sunday, 29 July 2012

Head Space Episode 1 - Blood and Feathers by Lou Morgan

Welcome to the first episode of Head Space, a new podcast about the craft of writing. About once a month Steve will be talking to a writer about their approach to all aspects of writing and their writing process.

In this first episode Steve speaks to Lou Morgan, her first novel Blood and Feathers is released on August 2nd 2012 from Solaris Books. We discuss her influences growing up, the origin of Blood and Feathers, the editing process, angel stereotypes, characters and world building.

Click here to Download Episode 1

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Welcome to Head Space

Welcome to Head Space. This is a blog for the forthcoming podcast, which is one of the spin-off podcasts in the wake of the end of the legendary Comic Book Outsiders.

It is a podcast where approximately every month I will speak to a different writer about their approach to writing, creating characters, world-building, and everything that goes into how they create stories.

This podcast will shortly be available on iTunes if you want to subscribe over there.